Monday, April 30, 2007

happy, sore, and sad

this weekend was the final teaching weekend for teacher training. i taught on friday night (it went fine, as well as i can judge myself, which is not very well). this meant saturday i was done - except for participating in 7 hours of yoga while the rest of the class taught their classes.
i did take breaks, but wanted to participate in everyone's class to the extent that i could.
it was amazing to see people come into their own teaching. and it was fun, people took the opportunity to do fun things with their teaching. we had soundtracks with everything from some where over the rainbow to def leopard and star wars quotes mixed in with yoga philosophy.
such an amazing group of people! it's great to be done, to have completed this training (and have some of my time back), but i will miss the energy and intensity of the group of people i did this training with.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


  • spring/summer has finally arrived. we went to shenandoah on sunday and it was down right hot. a wonderful thing.
  • i am nearly a certified yoga teacher.
  • wedding invites are sent or nearly sent and ceremony planning has started.
  • i told my boss i wasn't sure i wanted to stay with ES, but lack a what is next plan.

Friday, April 13, 2007

fun with google maps

i have been a fan of google maps for quite some time, but now it has gotten even better. not only have they developed the ability to map a whole string of destinations together - which is great - now you can make maps of your own.

i have created this map for our wedding. much fun. now i just have to resist the temptation to make maps for everything.